Simulation time and consumption time

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    Mamman Maharazu

    Dear Martin,
    1. I am using this simulator, what are the differences between simulation time and consumption time to run an experiment?
    2. Consider I used 50 TTIs as my simulation time in an experiment, what is the consumption time for this experiment?
    Best regard.


    Dear Maharazu,

    System level simulations are done on a TTI basis, where a TTI of 1ms denotes the subframe length in a LTE system. Not sure what do you mean by consumption time. assuming you mean the time that it takes a simulation to be finished, than it depends on the complexity of the network you are simulating, the channel model used etc, and of course it is different and larger.

    Best regards,

    Mamman Maharazu

    Thank you Fjolla for your useful comments

    Maniru Malami Umar


    Please Maharazu can you guide me on how you are implementing CAC algorithms on this simulators?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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