Taking SINR Values on the Network From Pathloss Maps

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    I study on Fractional Frequency Reuse on Vienna 1.9 System Simulator. At LTE System Doc I came across a sentence like that:

    LTE_config.FFR_params.SINR_threshold_value: taking the SINR values from the pathloss maps (not to be
    confused with post-equalization SINR), at simulation begin at UE assignment to either the PR or the FR zone is performed.
    If the SINR is bigger than the threshold, the UE is set to be a FR UE, and viceversa.

    I want to determine PR user or FR user to specify this threshold value for my simulation. I have two question for my aim:

    1) I couldn’t find the code part where UE assignment is done to specify either the PR or the FR Zone. I couldn’t find it from LTE_init_generate_users_and_add_schedulers.m

    2) Where do I take SINR Values of UEs on the network from Patlass Maps on Vienna Downlink Simulator

    Could you help me please?

    Best Wishes…

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