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    Hi everybody

    I am using Vienna simulator/femtocells demo

    1- I know the mathematical definition of outage probability is the CDF of SINR. So in Vienna Simulator, is the value of SINR below ZERO considered as Outage or the outage probability below the Minimum value of SINR ( below the negative value).

    2- Is the threshold of SINR is ZERO or the threshold of SINR is the minimum value, for example the Minimum value of SINR is -2.3dB, is this the threshold

    3- Is the outage probability taken into consideration in Vienna simulator.

    I really appreciate if someone have an idea about my queries


    Please, could anyone answer my question ?


    Hi Omar,

    We do not consider the outage probability here.

    A mapping of SNR-to-CQI is done assuming BLER (coded block error ratio) lower then or equal to 10%. After averaging the SINR, the corresponding value of BLER is extracted knowing the SINR and CQI values. Based on BLER value it is decided if a packet is received or not (ACK either one or zero).

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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