UE assignment to femto cells

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    I have a question about using femto cells in the network. Mainly if we want to use femto cells, we need to define the number of UEs in each femto cell at first which, by increasing the number of femto cells the density of UEs will be increased too. Is it possible to define the density of UEs as a constant and without defining a default value for number attached UEs to macro cells and femto cells just increase the number of femto cells and let UEs choose an appropriate femto cell based on receiving SINR instead of assigning UEs at first?


    I found the answer so if anyone interested can use this configuration:
    LTE_config.UE_distribution = ‘predefined’; % In this setting, the position of the UEs has to be calculated before
    UE_r = 0.5 * LTE_config.inter_eNodeB_distance/2; % distance of UE to center
    number_of_UEs = 100;
    LTE_config.UE_positions = UE_r*[cos(2*pi*(1:number_of_UEs)/number_of_UEs)’ sin(2*pi*(1:number_of_UEs)/number_of_UEs)’];


    Dear Sharam,

    Many thanks you for your input!

    Yes, by using the predefined user distribution, it is possible to generate user positions for the total region of interest and then the users will be served by macro/femto base station depending on the cell assignment that is done based on the maximum SINR.
    In your example mentioned above the users are distributed on a single circle. It is also possible to use any type of distribution here to specify the user positions in the launcher file.

    Best regards,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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