Using Proportional Fair Scheduler on Vienna LTE_Link_Level_1.7_r1089 Simulator

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    I ‘m using Vienna LTE_Link_Level_1.7_r1089 simulator. I run LTE_sim_batch_single_cell_multi_user.m code for 2 UEs. I select as LTE_params.scheduler.type = ‘Proportional Fair’;

    I came across error on MATLAB Command Window as:

    Undefined function ‘vec’ for input arguments of type ‘logical’.

    >>Error in schedulers.PropFair_Sun/PF_scheduler (line 81)
               RBs = vec(RB_UEs');
    >>Error in schedulers.PropFair_Sun/scheduler_users (line 55)
        RBs = obj.PF_scheduler(N_UE,N_RB,c,user_ind);
    >>Error in LTE_TX (line 104)
    UE_MCS_and_scheduling_info =
    >>Error in LTE_sim_main_single (line 245)
      LTE_TX(LTE_params,BS(bb), UE(LTE_params.connection_table(bb,:)), BS(bb).AtPort,
                        subframe_i,UE_output(LTE_params.connection_table(bb,:)),BS_output(bb)); % ref and sync is repeating
    >>Error in LTE_sim_main (line 64)

    I saw LTE_load_parameters_generate_elements.m at Line 272 that Proportional Fair Scheduler can be selected.

    Why was not run ?

    Could you give me advices please?

    Best Regards…

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 11 months ago by ahmetemir.
    Stefan Schwarz

    Dear Ahmet,

    the operator “vec” previously existed in older versions of Matlab, but it was removed in newer releases –> “vec” cannot be found by Matlab. Try to replace this code by RB_UEs(:) or RB_UEs(:)’



    Dear Stefan,

    Thanks for your help. Program has run.

    Best Regards…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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