Vienna 5G LL Simulator – New Release 1.1

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    Dear community,

    we are happy to announce a new release of the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator, that is version 1.1.

    The simulator is provided for free under an academic non-commercial use license.

    To get the simulator, please consider the license agreement here and follow the instructions therein. Companies – no matter whether profit-oriented or not – can purchase a license.

    The new features and improvements are listed in the change log below. Please also consider the list of features and the documentation of the new version.

    Best regards,
    The Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators Team

    – introduce various input parameter checks for improved usability
    – introduce time correlated Rayleigh fading channel
    – implement spatial correlation for MIMO channels according to TS36.101 Annex B
    – implementation of NOMA (3GPP MUST)
    – implement feedback and transmission modes CLSM and OLSM
    – support for 256QAM with feedback
    TWDP fading model for static channels
    – non-linear power amplier model
    – add PAPR (signal power CCDF) as simulation result
    – add channel estimation mean squared error as simulation result
    – new channel coding algorithms (additional decoding algorithms)


    plz if we have a licence for the v1.0 version we have to apply to get the v1.1 version ? or is it automatically updated?



    in case you already have a license, please contact Dr. Stefan Schwarz to get the latest release of the simulator.
    If you do not have a license yet, please follow the instructions in the license agreement, as stated above.



    Dear Prof,
    Thank you for updating 5G simulator, but I have a question about running and choosing the main file and choose the generic type of a simualtor when code type change turbo, TB conv., polar of codec works correctly only if changing to LDPC that display error the matric code block size is not integer please how to solve this problem please.
    best Regards
    S. K. Ibrahim


    Hi Stefan,
    In the publication (Versatile Mobile Communications Simulation:The Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator) page 7, 4.2.3 under the UFMC section, it mention the filter is Dolphy-Chebyshev.

    In the documentation come along with the simulator v1.1, page 40, section 10.3.1 transmitter, it mention is using Hanning window.

    please advice.




    According to [52] from our publication, Hanning filter has better performance than Hamming and Chebyshev flter (Figure 3).
    So, in the simulator we use Hanning due to the best side lobe attenuation.
    Of course, you can easily implement any of these filters within UFMC.

    There is a small misunderstanding in the journal.

    Best regards,


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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