Vienna 5G SL Simulator – New Release 1.2

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    Charmae Mendoza

    Dear Community,

    We are happy to announce a new release of the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator, that is version 1.2.

    The simulator is provided for free under an academic non-commercial use license. To get the simulator, please consider the license agreement that can be found in our website.
    Companies, no matter whether profit-oriented or not, can purchase a license.

    The new features and improvements are listed in the change log below. Please also consider the list of features and the documentation of the new version.

    Best regards,
    The Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators Team

    Newly introduced features:
    – Kronecker product based precoder with adjustable number of layers and precoders
    – 5G Precoder according to TS 38.214
    – Buildings can be read in from OpenStreetMaps
    – Traffic models: Full Buffer and Constant Rate
    – Path loss models: TR 38.901 RMa, UMi and UMa have been added
    – Mixed numerology simulations with dynamic spectrum sharing
    – NOMA transmissions
    Bug fixes and improvements:
    – Buildings can now have an arbitrary floorplan
    – Dummy scheduler now schedules all RBs instead of just one
    – Placement of clustered users with predefined cluster center
    – Number of sectors can be set arbitrarily for sectorized antennas (up to maximum number of sectors)
    – Compatibility issues with older matlab versions have been resolved: minimum version requirement is now R2018b

    Franck Konan


    Franck Konan

    Can we have we link to download it?

    Charmae Mendoza

    Hi Franck,

    Please send an e-mail to



    Is it possible to download the software for personal study?
    I’m very interested in communication system, but I’m a HW engineer now.

    Charmae Mendoza

    Hi Tina,

    Unfortunately, the academic license is restricted to universities only. As such, we can only offer you the paid license. In case you’re interested, kindly send an e-mail to


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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