What is the purpose of ROI_increase_factor?

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    I am using the LTE-A DL SLS (Q3, 2018) to simulate some scenarios, and I am confused at the variable ‘ROI_increase_factor’.
    This variable is declared in +network_generation\generated_network.m, and it increases the size of ROI.
    For example, if I set the ROI to be [x=[-200,200], y=[-200,200]], and the default value of ROI_increase_factor is 0.5,
    then the ROI becomes [x=[-200+0.5*(200-(-200)),200+0.5*(200-(-200))], y=[-200+0.5*(200-(-200)),200+0.5*(200-(-200))]] = [x=[-400,400], y=[-400,400]]
    It seems that the ROI in simulation will be affected by this factor.
    However, if the predefined ROI is used (LTE_config.network_geometry==’predefined’), then the the ROI will not be changed by the factor.
    So what is the purpose of increasing the ROI? Thank you very much.

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