Which Pathloss model?

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    Faizan Qamar

    Dear Community,

    I am trying to check the propagation effect on different pathloss model, so i need to change pathloss model and make my own.
    When I Run ‘LTE_sim_main_launcher_demo_basic’ it calls ‘LTE_load_param’ then it calls ‘hex_grid_tilted’.

    Here the values are:

    LTE_config.network_source = ‘generated’;
    LTE_config.network_geometry = ‘regular_hexagonal_grid’;
    switch LTE_config.network_source
    LTE_config.macroscopic_pathloss_model = ‘TS36942’;

    after this It should call ‘TS36942PathlossModel’ from “+macroscopic_pathloss_models” But it is not happinng like this, because even when i change the pathloss formula or any value in ‘TS36942PathlossModel’, i always got the same answers which means the pathloss is not calculating from here, it is calculating from somewhere else.

    i want to know from where and how i change the pathloss formula/value ??

    If anyone have any solution for this, please help.
    My ID; engr.faizanq@gmail.com


    Dear Faizan,

    It was a bug in the config file and the pathloss was called with a wrong name, LTE_config.macroscopic_pathloss_model = ‘TS36942’;

    Each pathloss model has a specific name, please check in +macroscopic_pathloss_models, in each of the files, the parameter obj.name denotes the name of the model. With this you have to call it in the config file, i.e. in the hex_grid_tilted.m, LTE_config.macroscopic_pathloss_model = ‘TS 36.942’;

    Best regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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