Wideband PMI Calculation for "ZFMUMIMO.m"

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    Hi Dr.Schwarz,

    My simulator is “Vienna LTE Simulators LTE-A Link Level Simulator, v1.3.”
    Why is PMI_WB always zero in “ZFMUMIMO.m”? If PMI_WB is zero, we cannot get the precoding matrix because

    “W = 1/sqrt(nLayers)*LTE_params.W1{nLayers}(:,:,PMI_WB)*LTE_params.W2{nLayers}(:,:,codebook_index(1)+1);”

    in “LTE_common_get_precoding_matrix.m.”
    Does it mean that PMI_WB is not implemented in “ZFMUMIMO.m”? If yes, have you implemented “PMI_WB” in the new version simulator?

    Thank you.

    Stefan Schwarz

    Dear Yang,

    PMI_WB is only supported with the standard-compliant transmission mode 9, i.e., CLSM-based single-user MIMO transmission with 8 antenna ports. ZF precoding is not standard-defined and hence the implementation does not rely on standard-compliant feedback.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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