Vienna 5G Simulators

Vienna 5G Simulators

Welcome to the webpage of the Vienna 5G Simulators. They are the newest members of the Vienna Cellular Communications Simulators (VCCS) software suite. Currently, there are two 5G simulators under development; the Vienna 5G System Level Simulator and the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator. They are described in more detail in the following sections.

Vienna 5G System Level Simulator

The Vienna 5G System Level Simulator is currently under development.

Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator

For further information about the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator, we provide the following documents:

  • A list of features, that gives a coarse overview of the currently implemented features.
  • A user manual, that describes the simulator structure, implementation and functionality in more detail. It enables a quick start with the Vienna 5G Link Level simulator and describes how to run simulations with your own specific settings.

Release 1.1 of the Vienna 5G Link Level Simulator is available since June 2018 under an academic use license. In case you are interested in this particular simulator, please consider our license agreement and follow the instructions therein.

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