Advanced Wireless Communications 1 – LTE/5G

Advanced Wireless Communications 1

Course No. 389.168
2016W, VO, 2.0h, 3.0EC


General Information

Time and Place:

Monday 16:00 – 17:30

Sem. room CG 0402

First lecture: tbd

Aim of the Course:

In this course you learn everything about important transmission schemes for MIMO wireless communication in LTE-Advanced networks.

Subject of the Course:

In this course, we will work our way from basic single-user MIMO transmission in cellular networks, as it is already utilized in current versions of HSDPA/LTE/WIFI, to advanced multi-user MIMO, interference alignment and MIMO coordination schemes, which are considered as important enablers to substantially improve the capacity of future 5G cellular networks. The following list gives an overview of the major topics treated in detail in this lecture:

  • Basics of the LTE PHY (MIMO-OFDM)
  • Single-user MIMO basics (capacity, SVD precoding and limited feedback)
  • Multi-user MIMO transmission (capacity of the broadcast channel, dirty-paper coding, linear transceivers and limited feedback)
  • MIMO interference channel (degrees of freedom, alignment, interference leakage)
  • 5G: Massive MIMO, mmWave Technology, Network densification


Markus Rupp


Office: CG0316

Phone: +43 (1) 58801-38967

Stefan Schwarz


Office: CG0416

Phone: +43 (1) 58801-38985

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Matlab Examples:


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Other Stuff:


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  • Evaluation of HDSPA and LTE – From Testbed Measurements to System Level Performance, S. Caban, C. Mehlführer, M. Rupp and M. Wrulich, Wiley
  • MIMO Wireless Networks, B. Clerckx and C. Oestges, Elsevier Academic Press
  • Fundamentals of Wireless Communication, D. Tse and P. Viswanath, Cambridge University Press
  • Convex Optimization, S. Boyd, Cambridge University Press
  • Optimization Algorithms on Matrix Manifolds, P. Absil, R. Mahony and R. Sepulchre


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