389.157 Wireless Communications 1

General Information

Course No. 389.157
2022S, VU, 4.0h, 6.0EC


Course contents

  1. Structure of Mobile Wireless Systems and Networks
  2. The cellular principle/Erlang distributions
  3. Architecture of transmitter and receiver
  4. Service in mobile communications
  5. Modulation and transmission in wireless systems
  6. Uplink and downlink
  7. Wireless channels
  8. Combatting fading
  9. Access methods
  10. How do wireless networks work
  11. Basics of GSM
  12. Basics of UMTS
  13. Transmission with multiple antennas
  14. Wireless network planning


Exercise Classes:
Homework problems can be downloaded from TUWEL, usually two weeks before the exercise class.
The exercises have to be solved and uploaded to TUWEL by no later than 48h before the lecture.


  • Midterm:
    The Midterm exam will take place on 23.06.2022 14:00.  It will include everything covered in class until then. The questions asked will be similar to the homework examples. You are allowed to use a calculator and lecture notes.
  • Final:
    The final exam will be oral. For the exam please register in TISS. Should you need an extra appointment please contact one of the lectures.

Additional Information:
More information on this course can be found on TISS

Homework dates

Each exercise should be submitted 2 days before the exercise date (08:30 am):

  • HW1: 25.03.2022
  • HW2: 07.04.2022
  • HW3: 28.04.2022
  • HW4: 12.05.2022
  • HW5: 02.06.2022
  • HW6: 30.06.2022
Lecture Notes (Skriptum) + Homeworks

Homeworks will be uploaded on  TUWEL.

 The lecture slides can be found on the courses TISS page.