389.163 Digital Communications 1

Digital Communications 1

Course No. 389.163
2020S, VU, 3.0h, 4.5EC


General Information
When and where:
Thursday 11:00−12:00
Friday 10:30−12:00
First class: Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. The classes and exercises will be conducted online via Zoom. A link will be sent through TISS to those subscribed to the course.


Exercise section:
There will be 6-8 exercise units per semester taking place at the lecture’s scheduled time and place. The dates of the exercise units will be announced on this website and in TISS at least one week in advance. Attendance of the exercise units is mandatory (one no-show allowed).

At the beginning of each exercise unit, the solutions for two mandatory problems have to be handed in. By presenting solutions on the blackboard, students can earn up to 20 credits during the entire semester. The number of credits earned for a presentation depends on the difficulty of the problem and the quality of the presentation and solution. A collection of possible exercise problems can be found in the lecture notes. The specific problems (including the mandatory problems) for each exercise unit will be announced on this website and in TISS at least one week in advance.


Admittance to the written exam:

In order to be admitted to the written exam, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
– At least 10 credits have been earned by presenting problems to the class.
– All mandatory problems have been handed in (2 incomplete mandatory problems and 1 “no-show” are permitted).


Written exam:

At the written exam, which consists of 4 problems, up to 80 credits can be earned.
Clean lecture notes, a calculator, and a collection of mathematical formulas at the exam. To check for dates and register for an exam use TISS.


Admittance to the oral exam:

To be admitted to the oral exam, at least 40 credits must be earned at the written exam. Under this condition, the credits of the written exam are added to those of the exercise units, and an intermediate grade is obtained as follows:

Credits:    50-62    63-75   76-88   89-100
Grade: G4 B3 U2 S1

The final grade depends on the intermediate grade and the oral exam.


Exercise Problems

The problem numbers correspond to the problems in the lecture notes. Credits that can be earned by presenting the problem are indicated by (x). Mandatory problems that have to be handed in are marked by *.

1st exercise unit: 26.03.2021
Problems: 2.2.4 (3), 2.2.7 (4), 2.2.10 (3), 2.2.13* (3), 2.2.14 (3), 2.3.9 (3), 2.3.10 (3), 2.3.11* (3)

2nd exercise unit: 16.04.2021
Problems: 3.2.3* (4), 3.2.4 (4), 3.2.9 (4), 3.3.1 (4), 3.3.7* (4), 3.3.14 (4)

3rd exercise unit: 30.04.2021
Problems: 3.4.3* (4), 3.4.7 (4), 3.4.9 (4), 3.4.11 (4), 3.5.2 (3), 3.5.4* (4)

4th exercise unit: 07.05.2021
Problems: 3.5.10 (4), 3.5.12* (5), 4.2.3 (5), 4.2.4 (4), 4.2.5* (5)

5th exercise unit: 21.05.2021
Problems: 5.2.3* (5), 5.2.4 (3), 5.2.7 (5), 5.2.10* (5), 5.2.13 (5)

6th exercise unit: 04.06.2021
Problems: 5.3.1 (3), 5.3.4* (4), 5.4.3 (5), 5.4.6* (4), 5.4.12 (4)

7th exercise unit: 18.06.2021
Problems: TBD

8th exercise unit: 25.06.2021
Problems: TBD



Lecture Notes:

Combined lecture notes for both lecture and exercises are available (see TISS). Chapters 2–4 can be downloaded here.

Problems of Past Exams:

To prepare for the written exam it is useful to solve problems from past exams. They can be downloaded here.



Lecturer: Franz Hlawatsch
E-Mail: franz.hlawatsch@tuwien.ac.at
Office: CG0110
Phone: +43 (1) 58801-38963

Exercise Supervisor: TJ Bucco
E-Mail: thomas.bucco@tuwien.ac.at
Office: CG0108