389.173 Lab Wireless Communications

Lab Wireless Communications

Course No. 389.173
2022S, LU, 2.0h, 3.0EC


General Information


Course contents

In this course you will perform measurements of radio channel, antenna gain and free space losses. Additionally, you will gain some insight on modulation formats and on practical problems of synchronization and demodulation, with the help of software defined radio. Finally, based on computer simulations you will learn the basics of spread-spectrum technology with the focus on following topics:

  1. Robust Communications
  2. Spread-Spectrum signals
  3. Spread-Spectrum systems
  4. Performance in AWGN
  5. Performance in CW-interference
  6. RAKE-receiver
  7. Performance in multipath and fading channels
  8. CDMA-systems
  9. Performance of CDMA-networks
  10. Synchronization of spread-spectrum systems



A preliminary discussion will be held on Wednesday, 23.03., 15:00 as an online event. During this meeting the group arrangement and the dates of the laboratory exercises will be agreed. If you cannot attend this meeting in person, please send a representative. All students who wish to attend “Lab Wireless Communications”  this summer semester have to be subscribed in TISS, in order to be notified about any updates.

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